Just think, of the millions of web sites out there you’ve landed on mine.

This is significant you know because not everyone will understand the ‘magic’ of Harmony Trails….but since you’ve been lead here I’m sure YOU will! As the name implies, I provide opportunities for people t experience both musical and spiritual harmony as they hike specially designed nature trails. The music comes from instruments built into> the natural setting. Some will be discovered and played by the hiker, and some are played by the wind and water of nature itself. Picture yourself walking along a wooded trail and out of the blue you hear what soundslike tubular bells coming from somewhere…but the sound surrounds you so you don’t know where it comes from. How beautiful as it blends with the bird songs and the wind. As you continue walking you notice off to your right a wooden xylophone strung vertically between two trees. As you come closer you see there are different size mallets tied to one of the trees under a protective growth from a low branch. With the music still surrounding you, you choose a mallet and begin creating music that intertwines with what you hear. These trails also host many rocks, stumps, logs, etc. that have a  very eclectic variety of inspirational quotes written, painted, etched,or burned onto them. Not all are readily visible but I’m sure the hiker will see the ones he/she needs to see. I guess you can tell this web site is still under construction. I’m working on trying to provide pictures and sound of my instruments in action.



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