Artist Statement



            For me, art is the communication of one heart to another… soul to another. I create it to connect me back to myself. Not the self that I think I am, but the self that transcends thought and  preconceived ideas and connects me with the essence of life in all living things.


I started creating natural musical instruments and heart messages for nature trails in 2003. I had the opportunity to live in a house nestled in a ‘holler’ on 135 acres of wooded hills, pasture, and abundant wildlife in Tennessee. Every day I was welcomed with new songs and shapes and smells and colors that made my heart smile and say thank you. I wanted to communicate my gratitude back to this environment, but knew that words would not be understood. I decided to use the universal language of music. My instruments are designed to visually and aurally compliment the environment. Some can be played by people expressing their hearts, while others are simply played by the surroundings.


In places where nature’s songs are plentiful,  and sometimes overwelming, I use messages tucked into niches to remind us to listen and honor the grace that unites all living things. In The Yearning Tree, these messages are set into the branches of a tree that ‘yearns’ to share what it knows about being alive. And just like all life lessons they will teach and move on in a single day.





Pam Siegler




Heart N’ Harmony Trails


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